Welcome to K Klass Beauty (KKB) - an inclusive, high-quality, beauty brand presenting beauty in all forms and shades. We specialize in making luxury a lifestyle that all can indulge in through makeup. This line of specialty, cruelty-free lip glosses puts a brand new experience of what nude means.
K Klass Beauty was founded by Kiana Newsom. As a beauty enthusiast, she turned her love for all things beauty and makeup into the business she has today. This makeup line is a dream actualized. She first fell in love with makeup in high school. Makeup was used as a tool to bring out what was already inside her. Bringing the inner beauty to surface was essential for her to cultivate and strengthen her skills in makeup. She continued to be a student of the artistry by practicing on herself, family and friends while getting lost in YouTube tutorials.
After spending a couple of years as a beauty sales assistant for Macy’s and then a beauty advisor for Ulta Beauty, she was able to learn more about the beauty industry and apply it into the development of her own product. KKB was created with love, intention and with inclusivity in mind. It’s through this line of product, Kiana hopes to bring a piece of beauty into the lives of the people who love a nude lip with a splash of luxury.